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Are you dealing with financial issues that seem as though they will never end? Are you tired of fielding calls from creditors? Do you have more bills than you know what to do with? At Law Offices of Terrence Fantauzzi we know how overwhelming this can be – and we also know that your best option is to talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Chino CA for help.

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Choosing to pursue 13 bankruptcy is only the first step toward debt relief. To initiate the process, debtors must submit a significant amount of information to the court. In every case, the bankruptcy court requests detailed financial data. This information helps the court determine the amount of disposable income the petitioner has to calculate their monthly payment. This data may include paystubs, a list of current debts, a list of assets, and profit/loss statements.

Individuals and couples will also need to complete an approved credit counseling course. These courses take place entirely online in two sessions. At the end of the course, the credit agency will issue a certificate of completion that the petitioners must attach to their bankruptcy petition.

Once the court receives a valid petition, it will issue an automatic stay. This prevents any current collection efforts from moving forward and prohibits the initiation of any new efforts.

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Individuals, couples, and corporations can use bankruptcy to get out of debt by filing for bankruptcy protection. Obtaining this protection, however, necessitates a thorough comprehension of the different bankruptcy plans as well as a complete list of financial information.

Allow a bankruptcy attorney in Chino CA to handle this for you. We may be able to assist you in identifying your objectives and developing a strategy that will provide you with immediate financial relief as well as long-term stability. To get started, contact Law Offices of Terrence Fantauzzi now at (909) 552-1238.

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